Coastal Pole Maintenance Inspectors have tested over 250,000 poles with greater than 60 years of combined experience
All of our inspectors are certified in pesticide application, transportation of dangerous goods, first aid, and ATV operations


Pole Maintenance Facts

North American utility companies have invested billions of dollars designing and constructing a complex infrastructure to distribute electricity and telecommunications. The majority of these networks are supported by wooden poles, a cheap, renewable and readily available resource. The existence of wood-destroying organisms (such as fungi, rot or insects) is a very real threat to the electrical system.

About US

Starting Coastal has been such a great experience and we have been able to work with and learn from many different people throughout the utility industry. Coastal Pole was founded by two friends Spencer Nicholson and Greg Anuik who had previously been in the industry doing power pole maintenance since 2008. When starting Coastal, we wanted to create an excellent work environment for our contractors and provide the highest quality service to all our clients. In 2013, Nick Halstrom joined Coastal as a part owner and field manager adding great value and insight to our growing team. The provinces we work and live in mean a lot to us and we make sure a percentage of each contract goes towards a charity or foundation in need. If there are any questions regarding our services, please send us an email.


All of our inspectors are certified in pesticide application, transportation of dangerous goods, first aid, transportation endorsement and ATV operations. Ask us for information on the most effective treatment methods for your program. Every pole is both unique and integral to the effectiveness of the system, and should be treated accordingly. We take pride in offering our clients the highest quality service in the industry.

Test & Treatment

There are many variations of test and treat programs for wood poles, but they all share the same common objectives; extending service life of existing assets and removing rejected poles. Coastal Pole Maintenance inspectors have tested over 250,000 poles with greater than 60 years of combined experience. Our operations have had exposure to test and treat programs in three provinces under five different utility companies.


Coastal Pole Maintenance is constantly searching for enthusiastic persons to join our team of experienced inspectors. Although many will be hired on a part-time basis, apprenticeships will be granted based on qualifications and suitability to the job. We encourage you to email us your resume and a brief cover letter of why you believe you are a good fit to enter the industry.


Spencer Nicholson

Spencer entered the utility industry in 2008 working on pole maintenance contracts for Fortis Alberta and has been in the industry ever since. He has spent time as a field manager for BC Hydro work in the pole maintenance program and is currently a Senior Program Manager in charge of Transmission Maintenance Programs for BC Hydro.

Jamie Beaton


Cody Gardiner


John Schmitz


Rebecca Nicholson

Inventory Manager

Greg Anuik

Greg started in the industry in 2008 as an apprentice in Alberta. After completing training for Fortis Alberta, Greg earned certification in Saskatchewan for SaskPower and in BC for BC Hydro and BC Transmission. Greg has experience in projects which required helicopter and boat access. In addition to Greg’s pole maintenance experience, he also brings additional knowledge as a Power Line Technician working for a major utility in Canada

Jeremy Craig


Shawn Munn


Tyler Robertson


Nick Halstrom

Chief Operations Officer
Nick became an apprentice in Alberta in 2008. He completed his training in Alberta for Fortis Alberta later that year. He has worked in many areas of the province of Alberta, acquiring a wealth of knowledge of Fortis Alberta's test and treat program. As the head of operations, Nick ensure all contracts are completed to the highest standard and satisfaction of our clients

Carson Currie


Clay Kuerbis


Bryce Gardiner



Does multiple bore holes reduce the poles integrity?

Eventually yes. Depending on the poles circumference, too many bored holes will eventually reduce the poles integrity. This is why it is very important to have an efficient program where the test cycle and standards have been approved by a professional engineer.

I have noticed that many utilities only check their poles above ground. Is below ground inspections necessary?

Yes. It is very important to inspect the pole at the ground line. 2” below ground to 2” above is where the majority of decay happens in wood poles.

Do you give free quotes for consulting and pole maintenance jobs?

Yes. We are happy to provide a free quote on any job, whether it is doing test and treat maintenance, looking at improving the efficiency of your maintenance programs or other types of consulting.


We require that all our inspectors hold certification in the following:

Ministry of Environment Pesticide Application Certificate

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Occupational First Aid Level 1

First Aid Transportation Endorsement

ATV Operation License for Commercial Use

H2S Alive